Get Rid of Boat Odors Using Airlock | The Best Boat Smell Remover

Get Rid of Boat Odors Using Airlock | The Best Boat Smell Remover

The joys of boating can quickly be overpowered by foul boat odors. From mold and mildew to fuel fumes and dirty bilge water, boat smells can take over and make time on your boat unpleasant. While air fresheners, gels, and sprays may provide temporary relief, they don’t eliminate the root causes of boat odors.

For fresh air that lasts, Airlock™ Boat Air Purifier is the ultimate solution. This compact, easy-to-install device uses advanced ionization technology to neutralize odors, mold spores, allergens, and other airborne irritants. Keep reading to learn why Airlock™ is the best way to banish boat smells for good.


Why Airlock™ is the Best Boat Odor Eliminator?

Airlock™ was engineered specifically to provide continuous fresh air onboard enclosed areas of boats. Traditional odor removal methods only mask smells temporarily. Airlock™ tackles odors at the source and provides long-lasting odor neutralization.

Here are the key benefits that make Airlock™ the #1 boat smell remover:

Ends Temporary Fixes

Sprays, gels, and air fresheners can provide a quick burst of scent to overpower foul odors. However, these effects are extremely temporary. As soon as the fragrance dissipates, you’re left with the same unpleasant smells as before.

Airlock™ eliminates odors permanently by neutralizing odor molecules in the air. Even after extended use, Airlock™ continues working effectively without losing strength.

No Refills, Replacements, or Maintenance

Many air purifiers require frequent filter replacements and ongoing maintenance. Airlock™ has no spare parts, cartridges, or refills to worry about.

The compact unit is designed to work maintenance-free for years. You can install it and enjoy perpetual fresh air without hassle.

Kills Mold, Mildew, and Allergens

Bad smells are just one piece of the air quality equation. Mold spores, mildew, pollen, pet dander, and other allergens also frustrate boaters.

Airlock™ uses hydroxyls, ions, and other reactive oxygen to safely break down contaminants. This prevents mold and mildew growth and creates a healthier onboard environment.

Boat-Tested Durability

Airlock™ was built to withstand the hot, humid, and salty marine conditions. The durable UV-stabilized plastic housing resists corrosion, moisture, and heat.

The solid-state technology has no moving parts or fragile components. Airlock™ was rigorously tested for vibration, shock, and tilting to ensure robust real-world performance.

Whisper-Quiet Operation

Some ionizers and ozone generators produce bothersome high-pitched sounds. Airlock™’s silent operation lets you focus on enjoying your boat trip without added noise or distraction.


How Airlock™ Cleans Boat Air?

Airlock™ leverages an advanced, 3-stage cleaning process to remove odors, particulates, organic compounds, and microbes from the air.

1. Ionizer

The first stage uses an ionizer to charge airborne particles with negative ions. This causes contaminants like pollen, pet dander, and smoke to clump together and precipitate out of the air.

2. Hydroxyls

Next, hydroxyls (also known as OH radicals) are generated. Hydroxyls neutralize gases, mold spores, bacteria, and odors on a molecular level. Even stubborn VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and smoke are oxidized into harmless carbon dioxide and water.

3. Photocatalyst Filter

Lastly, air passes through a high-efficiency photocatalyst filter. This allows any remaining contaminants to adsorb onto the filter surface to be decomposed when exposed to light.


Where to Install Airlock™ on Your Boat?

Airlock™ is designed for quick, simple installation aboard all types of boats. The best placement depends on your boat model and layout. Here are some installation tips:

Cabin Areas

For cruisers and liveaboards, installing Airlock™ in the cabin provides clean air in living and sleeping areas. Place it high on a wall or ceiling near return A/C vents. This lets Airlock™ treat air entering the cabin.

Enclosed Bridge

On express cruisers and sport-fishing boats, positioning Airlock™ in the enclosed bridge puts clean air right where the captain and passengers sit. Angle it to catch maximum airflow.

Head Compartment

The head compartment tends to accumulate unpleasant odors. Putting Airlock™ in this small space keeps the air fresh. Install it near the vent or door to treat air as it enters and exits.

Generator Compartment

Diesel and gasoline generators emit exhaust fumes into their compartments, even when ventilated. An Airlock™ unit here prevents these odors from migrating into living areas.

Mold Prone Areas

Place Airlock™ where mold and mildew thrive like shower stalls, wet bars, and laundry cubbies. Airlock™ will inhibit mold growth and keep musty smells away.


Simple 15-Minute Installation

Installing Airlock™ takes just minutes and requires no tools or expertise.

Step 1: Mount the device

Mount the device near the air conditioner unit. The ideal location is in front of the return airflow, before the AC filter and coils so air will flow past the ion emitters. Firmly secure the device using the included self-drilling screws.

Step 2: Connect Airlock™ to Constant Power

Connect the red and black wires to a constant power source on the AC circuit board.

Step 3: Power Up

Turn on the power supply. A purple LED indicator will illuminate when the device is working properly.


Added Benefits of Airlock™

In addition to permanently removing odors, Airlock™ provides other bonuses for your indoor boat environment.

Cleans Bilge Air

When bilge blowers run, they exhaust dirty air into the boat. Installing an Airlock™ near bilge vents scrubs this air before it spreads into living areas.

Reduces Allergens

Boat cabins can collect high levels of airborne allergens like mold, pollen, and pet dander. Airlock™ alleviates allergy and asthma symptoms for sensitive passengers.

Prevents Mold & Mildew

By reducing moisture in the air, Airlock™ inhibits mold and mildew growth throughout the boat interior. This also helps prevent costly mold repairs.

Neutralizes Fuel Vapors

Gasoline and diesel vapors inevitably make their way inside the boat. Airlock™ breaks down these harmful VOCs to promote engine room safety.

Removes Cooking Odors

Fishy, greasy galley smells linger inside the cabin. Airlock™ absorbs these cooking odors quickly so food smells don’t permeate into furniture and fabrics.

Improves Air Conditioning Efficiency

Dirty A/C air filters lower airflow and cooling capacity. By cleaning the air, Airlock™ keeps AC vents dust-free for optimal performance.


Unpleasant odors can quickly permeate throughout your boat's cabin and compartments, leaving a stale, musty smell. Whether it's mold and mildew in damp areas, a dirty holding tank, or smelly bilge water, getting rid of boat odors takes regular cleaning and sanitation. Start by thoroughly cleaning the bilge, using a hose, bleach cleaner, and deodorizers to eliminate odors at the source.

Allow compartments to dry completely to avoid mildew and moisture buildup. Run your AC and open hatches to circulate fresh air through the cabin. Shampoo carpets and wash cushions, canvas, and mattresses that may be retaining odors.

While thorough cleaning helps banish immediate odors, Airlock™ provides the ultimate long-term solution to keep your boat smelling fresh. The compact air purifier offers perpetual odor control, mold prevention, and cleaner air throughout the boat with zero maintenance required. Give your boat a breath of fresh air and get rid of stubborn boat odors for good with Airlock™.

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