Our story

Airlock's story begins back when one of our co-founders, Steve, a skilled computer engineer and avid fisherman, found himself facing a challenge after marrying in 2015. While Steve was no stranger to the moldy and musty odors that haunted his 45-foot Sea Ray, his wife suffered from severe allergy attacks whenever she set foot on the boat.

Determined to enhance the air quality on his vessel, Steve reached out to a close friend who boasted decades of expertise in the commercial HVAC and air purification industry.

But there was a problem.

They quickly realized that the available "solutions" fell short – they were ill-suited, unsafe, or inefficient for the unique demands of a boat.Joining forces, they set out to develop the first marine-grade air purification device specifically designed for any boat equipped with an AC unit. Through years of meticulous engineering, design, and testing, they proudly launched the first Airlock™ Boat Air Purifier in 2019.

The result

Boating enthusiasts from all over the country can now confidently invest in a product that ensures clean and odor-free air for those cherished moments spent on the water with friends and family. Say goodbye to odors, mold, and mildew. Breathe easy and enjoy the ride!