Keep Your Boat Fresh Before & After You Store It!

How to get rid of musty boat smells while your boat has been sitting idle in the off-season?

It’s the end of the summer season, and time to start preparing your boat as winter approaches. You feel confident that you have followed all necessary precautions and prepared your boat for winter storage. Months have passed, and your boat has been sitting for a while. You finally decide to climb on board and check it out. A nasty and musty smell hits you as soon as you step foot inside your boat. How can you enjoy a fantastic day on the water with such a horrible odor? Many of us have been in such a position, but fear not; there are a few steps you can take to remediate this problem quickly. 

Since you haven’t been using your boat at all, it is only logical that it has developed some nasty odors. But good airing alone will not successfully eliminate these smells. What about boat fresheners or gels that promise to get rid of all odors? They will just mask the smells. So how can you return to your everyday boating experience as soon as possible? Airlock brings a permanent, quick, and easy solution. 

As soon as you turn the A/C on, Airlock will begin working to completely eliminate all nasty odors that have formed in your absence. You will quickly notice the difference and enjoy pure air on board. Of course, your boat interior, furniture, and surfaces will thank you too! 

Airlock is the first-ever ionic air purifier specifically designed for all recreational and powerboats that are equipped with an A/C system. Its compact design and advanced technology keep Airlock silent and invisible to the boat owner once installed. Airlock’s quick and easy installation takes only 10-15 minutes. Additionally, this device is maintenance-free and requires no replacement parts such as bulbs/filters. 

What are you waiting for? Get Airlock today and say goodbye to all your nasty odor problems while keeping your boat’s interior fresh and clean!