Plug-In Installation


Make sure power is disconnected from the A/C unit before installation.

Maximum ambient temperature in which the device shall be used is 130°F/55°C.

The ion emitters must be at least 2 inches away from any metal surfaces.

Never touch ion emitters while operating, static shock may occur.

Find the right location
  • Airlock™ should be installed around the perimeter of the air conditioner, specifically in the path of the return airflow.
  • The ideal mounting location is in front of the AC filter and coils to ensure that the airflow passes directly through the ion emitters.
  • When selecting a location, ensure the ion emitters will be at least 2 inches away from any metal surface or wires to prevent interference or damage.
Ensure power is off
  • Turn off the power supply.
Wire the plug

Take Airlock™ out of the box and find the white plug.

  • If you purchased the most recent version of Airlock™, please find detailed instructions to wire your plug here.
  • For previous versions of Airlock™, click here.
Mount the device
  • Airlock™ should be mounted so the ion emitters/brushes are perpendicular to the airflow. The ion emitters/brushes should be exposed to airstream and the air should flow past them.
  • The ion emitters/brushes should not touch any metal surface or wires. Move and secure any wires that may come in contact with the ion emitters/brushes.
  • Firmly secure the device using the included self-drilling screws.
  • When attaching the device to a grille or screen nylon ties may be used.
Plug Airlock™
  • Plug Airlock™ into the power outlet. A purple LED indicator will illuminate when the device is working properly.
  • To verify output, take a non-contact voltage reader and place it near the ion emitters/brushes it should indicate voltage.
  • Airlock™ can remain powered at all times.